Queens Carniolan May 20, 2021 Arrival

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Carniolan Queen from Koehnen Apiaries.  These are high quality queens and the Carniolans are good at keeping mites down and over winter well.  You still need to treat for mites under a standard IPM program.

Pickup in Mount Vernon Ohio.

These queens are mated and marked.

These queens come a California Cage without attendants.  This means it is best to put them in the day you pick up.

Current pickup time is May 20th afternoon but subject to change.

Message from Koehnen:

At the request of beekeepers in colder climates of the Northern states, we also produce the Carniolan cross. Our Carniolan breeders are mated in an isolated area and observed for a year prior to use in our breeding program. The Carniolan virgins are mated with our Italian drones, resulting in an excellent mix of both Italian and Carniolan traits which many customers prefer. The queen exhibits typical Carniolan overwintering behavior and her offspring possess the gentleness of our Italians.