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Canadian Buckfast Package Bees 3lbs, March 30, 2024

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As always MyBeeSupply is looking to expand our sources of quality Package bees for our customers.  In 2024 we will be bringing in Buckfast packages which are resistant to Tracheal mites and do well in cool climates.  Buckfast bees originated in Ontario Canada (https://hbrc.ca/history-of-buckfast-bees-in-ontario/)   They are very gentle, easy to work with and are excellent honey producers.  They have a low tendency to swarm and are economical in the use of winter stores.  These packages are coming from Northern California.

Select your Pickup location, you have the option of picking up in Mount Vernon, Columbus area or Marysville Ohio.

**Columbus and Marysville will be one day only, if you are unable to pick up on the day the bees arrive you can come visit us in Mt Vernon to pick up.

Whether you know it or not this is agriculture and Queen rearing and packages are weather dependent.  Pickup date may vary a week or so depending on the weather.  As we get closer I will email or call with exact delivery time.  Please make sure you include a contact phone number with your order. 


**Orders of 10 or more Packages contact us at (740)760-0300