Hemp Propagation Workshop Event

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Hemp Propagation Workshop.

This workshop will focus on growing hemp from seed and cloning.  The meeting is sponsored by Hempwise Services. 

DATE: February 20, 2020.  The meeting will begin at 9 am and doors will open at 8.  Lunch will be from Subway and provided free with registration.  The meeting should conclude around 3pm.  Tour of a local grow build out will held after the meeting for those interested.

Location: Hunter Hall: 221 South Main Street, Mount Vernon, OH  43050

Speakers will include:

Suzanne Wainwright, Buglady Consulting: Suzanne is an expert in Biological control methods available for Hemp.  She will cover the most up to date information for controlling insects and diseases on your hemp crop focused on propagation.

Jeff Gabric, Hempwise Services: Jeff will provide hands on cloning demonstrations (licencing dependent) and explain the process for starting seeds and cloning.

Julie Doran, Meigs Fertilizer:  Julie will cover the fertilizer needs from hemp in propagation and field grown cultivation.

Jay Marshall, Thrive Agritech: Jay will discuss the lighting need of young hemp plants.  

Call Jeff for more information: 740-760-0300