Lyson 12 Frame Motorized Extractor

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Is a 4 frame extractor not enough, but you don’t quite need a 20 frame? This 500mm motorized radial extractor from Lyson was designed as a sweet spot for hobbyists, handling 12 frames without adding extra bulk.

Frames fit radially so no need to flip them during extraction!


  • Can extract 12 medium (6-1/4"), or shallow (5-3/8") Langstroth frames (2 deep frames may be extracted tangentially)
  • Stainless steel drum: 20" diameter X 24" tall
  • Heavy duty welded stainless steel basket (4 segments, 3 frame per segment)
  • Hinged clear Plexiglas covers: Watch the whole process!
  • 120V variable speed motor
  • Stainless steel honey gate
  • Adjustable height steel legs with bolt holes for attachment to floor
  • Floor to drum clearance of 13"-17" 
  • The deep frame inserts allow you to extract two deep frames tangentially.