Nucs For Sale 8 FRAME MEDIUM

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Tax included. We Do Not ship this Product! Local Pickup Only.

MEDIUM NUCS DO NOT HAVE A DELIVERY DATE AND I ONLY HAVE A LIMITED NUMBER.  I ESTIMATE BY MID MAY OR BEFORE.  The image is of one of my medium nucs currently being over wintered in 10 frames.

Payment is due at the time of order.  There are 9 different delivery dates and prices so make sure you click on the right delivery date/price you want.

Nucs must be picked up in or around Mount Vernon, OH. Shipping is not available. 

If I am unable to fill your order, you will be due a full refund of all moneys paid. Nucs will be available on or before the specified delivery date.  Please remember we are dealing with nature. In 8 years of selling nucs I have always filled the orders I take with good quality stock.  

Failing to pick up a nuc after being notified it is ready, does not give you the right to a refund.  Refunds will be given with a 30-day notice before the delivery date. Communication is our best friend and I am very flexible.

When the nuc is ready you will be contacted, and we will work out an appointment for pick up.  If you cannot pick up on the ready date, I am flexible but please communicate.  Pickup is usually scheduled in the evening and you need to bring your own box and ratchet straps to hold your box together.

What the you are getting:  Eight Medium drawn frames, at least four frames of brood in various stages, 2 frames of honey and pollen, and 2 frames of drawn comb with space for the queen to work.  Queen will be marked and there will be plenty of bee.  The queen will be in nuc and laying for at least 3 weeks before pickup, so her performance can be evaluated. There will be spring queens and over wintered queens and I will work with you to get you what you want but there is no guarantee on the availability of either.

Queens:  These are Italian Queens

Read the page on this site I have dedicated to buying nucs. Ask questions of who every you are buying nucs.