Ready to go hive -24 April 2022-

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We are offering pre-installed bee packages into a painted 10 frame deep box! These 2022 bee packages are Ready-To-Go. This is an excellent option for a new bee keeper who is a little intimidated at placing their first package of bees into a bee box.

We will professionally install your 3 pound package of bees, properly release the queen and ensure that she is laying before you pick up.

Your new painted, white, 10 frame deep box will be properly out fitted with 10 deep frames with plastic foundation. Your package will have been placed roughly one week in advance to ensure that the queen is laying. However, this option is a little different than a NUC because it is a new package of bees and will not be full of drawn wax; this option allows the new beekeeper to experience all the stages of new hive growth without the worry of a package instillation.