Zadee's Queens for Sale June 15, 2020

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These queens are coming directly from Zadee's Bees here in Central Ohio.  For years Zadee's Bees have been developing a solid Ohio bee based on Carniolan stock.  Zadee's Queens are descendants of queens that have spent many generations in Ohio's winters. These Queens are well adapted to our local environment to give them the best attributes for over wintering survivability, docile behavior, and honey production.

Zadee's queens are excellent for making your late spring and summer splits and getting your colonies through winter.

The reason I carry Zadee's queens is not only for the above attributes, but the care and selection that goes into the queen you will get.  Mike, the owner of Zadee's Bees, will not allow a queen to be sold unless he has determined she has a solid laying pattern and is ready to go.  What this means for you is that the queens are more mature and the acceptance rate will be higher than is typical for commercially raised queens.

Pickup only in Mount Vernon, OH. 

Delivery is expected may be subject to change due to weather.  As time gets closer we will firm up the date.