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Metal Queen Excluder 8 frame

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Electrically welded, precisely spaced metal wires make up the grid system. This wire grid is edged (bound) with metal on all edges. Made from galvanized steel, our 8 and 10-frame metal queen excluders are very strong, durable and will not warp. 

We carry 10 frame and 8 frame all metal queen excluders.

The primary function of any queen excluder is to ensure that the queen does not lay eggs in the honey supers. This ensures the honey within these supers stays clean and remains without brood. Queen excluders are placed in between the brood boxes and the honey supers. They are carefully designed so that worker bees can pass through the screen but the queen cannot as she is too large to fit through the openings.

Before adding a queen excluder to a hive, we recommend having at least 20” of developed brood frames. This equates to a total of two filled 9 5/8” boxes or three filled 6 5/8” boxes. Having these developed brood frames ensure that your bees will have enough pollen, honey, and brood to successfully grow their colony throughout the season.

If queen excluders are put on too soon or if you have not given your bees enough space, this potentially could cause your bees to swarm. Timing is of the essence when adding a queen excluder.