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How to Light a Smoker

Here is a short video demonstrating how to light a smoker. 

How to Light a Smoker Link:  https://youtu.be/fDulCudpwF0

Many different kinds of fuel can be used in a smoker.  My preference is wood chips because they are readily available.  Long needle pine light fast and work well also.  

Wood chips that are fine do not need to be packed as tight as wood chips that are larger. If you pack fine wood chips too tight then air has a hard time getting through and the smolder goes out.  Place lots of fuel in your smoker and packing it down is the way to smother the flames and create the smoke.  Not packing tight enough causes your smoker to burn too hot and burn out quickly.

Smoke from a smoker should be cool to the touch.  Blow the smoke over your hands to make sure it is cool.  Kind of like testing a babies bottle.