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Package Bee Installation Video

Here is a short video of a package bee installation.

How to Install a Bee Package Link: https://youtu.be/fmqJtwPsEWA

Here are a few key points not covered in the video:

1.  The queen should be associated with the colony for 4 to 5 days before she is released.  Ask your supplier what day they were shook into the package.  Check out the requeening tab on this site for determining if she is ready to be accepted.  It is best to let the bees release her by chewing out the candy in the cage or a marshmallow.  When she is ready to be released then and only then should you poke a hole through the candy to increase the speed of her release.  If the cage does not have candy then the cork should be removed and replaced with a marshmallow. 

2.   The question: Why have a smoker going when we are not going to use it?  A smoker is a valuable tool when needed.  We do not know the temperament the package and they could be very aggressive and smoke would help you out of a bad situation.  If the bees did not cooperate, then smoke might be needed.  I don't like to smoke a new package because they do not know where they are and smoke is used to confuse the bees.  So smoking adds confusion on top of confusion:).  Usually I would use a little smoke to move the bees down into the hive on an established colony, and they would move away from smoke and retreat into the box.  But smoke on a new package would move them somewhere, but they may not know where to go and take flight.  Also the sent of the queen draws the bees into the box, but smoke would mask that sent and the bees would again be confused as to where they should be meeting up. 

There is a section in the video where I point out a bee fanning across its nasonov gland.  It is fanning sent out saying to the other bees; here is where the queen is and here is where you need to be.  Smoke makes this communication more difficult. 

3. Why do some videos show removing frames vs dumping bees on the top bars?  I will answer that with a question: Why remove frames?  What's the purpose?  If you remove frames, the bees have farther to fall.  If you remove frames then you have to figure out how to move the bees around to get the frames back in.  No-one has ever explained to me why they remove frames when they do an installation.  If you find a reason please let me know.