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5 Gallon Bucket with Honey Gate

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Our bucket is a great economical option to store and bottle your honey. 

The bucket has an attached nylon honey gate with stainless steel hardware, an O-ring and gasket for a tight seal. The 1 1/4” honey gate is the most popular size for bottling honey. It quickly turns the flow of honey on and off, making it extremely easy to fill your honey jars without the sticky mess.

Bottling honey is a breeze with the 1.25” honey gate. Let your extracted honey settle for a day or two before bottling.

  • Bucket can be used for bringing simple syrup to beehives to refill feeders
  • If you plan to sell you honey either raw or unheated, these tanks are all you will need for bottling
  • Tightly fitting lid and honey gate included
  • Made of HDPE plastic (Food Grade)
  • 5 gallon (20 quart) capacity