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The tablet is made up of 80% sugar, ensuring that the bees consume it. As the bees eat the tablet, the active ingredients in the Essential oils pass into the hemolymph fluid.
The active ingredients that have entered the hemolymph are taken by the "varroa mites" that bite the bees, leading to the deaths of the varroa mites.
The effects of the tablet begin to be observed approximately 4-5 days after it is given to the hive (varroa mites die).

To see a full effect, the bees in the hive should consume the tablet in about 20-25 days. If they consume it too early, another tablet should be added immediately afterward.

When using the tablet, one tablet should be placed in each hive body. If there are a lot of frames in the hive, 1-1/2 tablets should be used.
For the tablet to be effective, it is essential for the bees to consume it; otherwise, there will be no effect whatsoever. If the hives consume the tablet too early, the desired effect may not be fully achieved at that time.

Best to use after honey boxes have been removed in late summer thru fall.

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