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Nucs for Sale April 27, 2024

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April Nucs will be coming from  Sevier Bees https://sevierbees.com/  in Sevier County Tennessee.  In the second half of April we will be getting 2 loads of bees one week apart. You will be put on a list, First Ordered, First Out, and this means the sooner you place your order the sooner you will get your bees..  If you would like a specific pickup date in the second half of April just let us know.

One big thing to keep in mind when you are looking for nucs: These are April nucs, most nucs in Ohio are coming out in late May and June.  We have late May and June nucs too.  But if you can get an April nuc going you stand your best chance to get a normal honey crop.  Last year we got back reports on these nucs of harvests of 50 to 100 pounds.

Sevier Bees uses their own line of genetics and started with treatment-free Carniolan stock that came from Kentucky,  They have been selecting for over-winter hardiness, honey production, gentleness, and mite resistance.  Queens are open mated locally in Sevier County which is out of the Africanized zone.  This will be our 4th year selling these nucs in Ohio and they have preformed excellent.

Nucs will come in Jester Bee Boxes which means you can schedule and come at about any time to pick up your bees. Also the Jester boxes can be reused to catch hanging swarms.

What the you are getting:  Five deep drawn frames, at least three frames of brood in various stages, one frame of honey and pollen, and one frame of drawn comb with space for the queen to work.  There is always plenty of bees.  The queen will be in the nuc and laying for at least 3 weeks before pickup, so her performance can be evaluated. There will be spring queens and over wintered queens and I will work with you to get you what you want but there is no guarantee on the availability of either.

Payment is due at the time of order.  There are different delivery dates and prices so make sure you click on the right delivery date/price you want or send us and email to clarify.

Nucs will be picked up at My Bee Supply in Mount Vernon, OH. 

If I am unable to fill your order, you will be due a full refund of all moneys paid. Please remember we are dealing with nature and pickup dates may vary. In 8 years of selling nucs I have always filled the orders I take with good quality stock.  

You will be contacted the week before the nuc is ready and we will work out an appointment for pick up.  Please include a contact number on your order.    If you cannot pick up on the ready date, I am flexible but please communicate.