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10 Frame Screen Bottom Board

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We make one of the best screen bottom boards in the industry.  They are very solid and made with a custom painted metal tray designed to last a long time.  These are an invaluable tool for monitoring mites.  Screen Bottom Boards have never been this good.  Our superior structure is custom made to meet the demands of a heavy loaded suppers. 

Screen Bottom Boards are essential for monitoring mites.  Lines can be drawn across the pan to keep you on track when counting mites.  Take a moment to read the Varroa Mite Monitoring and Treatment Page from the home page of this site..

Recommended to start your stack with a 3/4 inch piece of plywood (16 1/4 inches X 22 inches) over your stand. This is the exact size of our Screen Bottom Board.  Then place the Screen Bottom Board and then start you stack of boxes.