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Screen Bottom Board 8 Frame

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We make one of the best Screen Bottom Boards in the industry.  They are very solid and made with a custom painted metal tray designed to last a long time.  These are an invaluable tool for monitoring mites.  Screen Bottom Boards have never been this good.  Ours are custom made to meet the demands of a heavy load of suppers.  We have beefed up the structure and added a metal pan not cheap plastic sign board.  Screen Bottom Boards are essential for monitoring mites.  Lines can be drawn across the pan to keep you on track when counting mites.  Take a moment to read the Varroa Mite Monitoring and Treatment Page from the home page of this site..

Recommended to start your stack with a 3/4 inch piece of plywood (16 1/4 inches X 22 inches) over your stand. This is the exact size of our Screen Bottom Board.  Then place the Screen Bottom Board and then start you stack of boxes.